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We are glad to see you on the website of the “Baltpolimer” Companies Group and we hope the represented information will be useful for you. Our company is engaged in production of various plastic packaging by the methods of extrusion and injection molding.

We have been working on Russian and European markets since 1993. During its work the “Baltpolimer” Company has recommended itself as reliable and profitable partner. Due to usage of new technologies and advanced extrusion, equipment of leading firms our Company is able to carry out a full cycle of manufacturing of flexible packaging (film manufacturing, putting firm multi-color printing and the formation of the finished product under the request of the customer).

The group of companies "Baltpolimer" has a large number of foreign injection molding machines with clamping forces from 100 to 450 tons and injection volume from 100 to 1500 grams, so we quickly and efficiently fulfill any order for the production of products on the customer's moulds.

Chief industrial engineer’s service meets successfully the technological regimes, incoming inspection of raw materials and main parameters of products. We produce the goods in accordance with the requirements of normative-technical documentation (GOST, TU). All products are certified.

We wish you prosperity and stability. We hope for our mutually beneficial cooperation.


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Production facilities

  • Extruders: +

    MACCHI LDPE Extruder; Three-layer extruder LDPE LUIGI-MACCHI; HDPE REIFENHAUSER Extruder; Installation of tubular film LDPE.
  • Bag making machines: +

    ROLLOMAT automat, MAQUINA TER-ROLL 6036 model; High-performance machine BJ A2 (Taiwan); PE BERNARDI machine; Automatic line BIELLONI CASTELLO model SABRE; Automatic line BFM (Italy).
  • Flexographic machines: +

    six-color machine BIELLONI CASTELLO longline type of printing rollers width 600mm; six-color machine W & H OLYMPIA 736 with a central drum, printing rollers width 1250mm.
  • Equipment for injection molding: +

    Injection molding machines BATTENFELD, KUASY, HAIDA, HAITIAN, WINDSOR, DEMAG for the production of products weighing up to 4 kg and clamping force up 800tonn.
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 236001 Russian Federation

 66, Yaltinskaya, Kaliningrad

 T.: 8 (4012) 355-986

 T./F: 8 (4012) 355-985

 e-mail: office@baltpolymer.com